How not to be nervous when taking your g2 test? Tips?

Just I just in case you don't know what a g2 test, it's basically a road test for driving. I've had my g1 for awhile now and I need to get my. G2 this year, but I'm nervous and I'm afraid to take a test, is there any tips you can give me to calm me down a little?


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  • Do you have mock driving tests where you live? You will be allowed to practice in a track which is similar top the actual track where you'll take your test, and the instructor can give you feedback, and also let you if you're skilled enough to clear the test. So it's just like a simulation of the actual test.

    • I'm not sure if we do, but I know I've done the In car driving part and we did practice some emergencies situation

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    • Thank you :) I'm sure you will do great as well ! :)

    • You're welcome! And thanks for that! :)

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