Can you keep it?

What promises have you never carried through for yourself?


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  • to never let my standards slip in how id like to be treated in relationship love can be blind lol. that and not get fat over Christmas haha

    • Tell me about it, because just like you, my standards always slip during a relationship. It's always, "just this once," "this is the last time," or everyone's favourite, "it's not a big deal."

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    • Likewise! Boys like you are hard to come by. I agree that these conversations are also a very important staple in a relationship. I mean you can't go past 'puppy-love' if you can't handle mature conversations. Hope you find her soon mate.

    • Exactly and i hope you find him too. I'm happy enough with my tank games and friends and hobbies so im not looking haha... because when you love tanks... no love can come close haha!.

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  • I am the same as most people in that I set really high ideals for myself and sometimes find it hard to live up to my own expectations.

  • No to lie is a promise I have never carried through myself

    • Oh, I definitely understand that. It's hard, given circumstances. In some situations it's the only choice that seems right.

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