Any advice for me? do I have to see a psychologist?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant, this is the 2nd time I have a nightmare that in it "my bed is full of blood (losing my baby)" I wake up saoking wetand my tummy hurts for a while than it stops.
now I'm parnoid and so scared yesterdat I checked with my genecologist and she said everything is okay with the baby, but I'm kind of scared and overthinking it.
did anyone have similar nightmares? I mean any preg got similar nightmars


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  • Please, visit your doc. This is only solution for this situation. Dont try ti cure yourself. Just visit your doc! Maybe anything serious but you must be sure. Do it and dont wait for other answers.

    • @arthur1970
      I have seen my doctor yesterday and I had an ultrasound, and everything is fine with me and with the baby
      The nightmare I have is the only problem here, where I see myself in the nightmare that I'm bleeding, so do I need a psychologist?

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    • the bleding is in my nightmare, in my bad dream not in real life

    • I red it on mobile, so misunderstanding. Sorry for it. You can visit psychologic, but I think lot of people have nightmares include me and Im able to live without doc.

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  • It might seem like the nightmares are causing your worry, but you're probably having nightmares BECAUSE you're worried. Dreams don't tell the future, they are a reflection of our mental state usually.
    A professional has said everything is fine. Try and think about the positive things in your pregnancy and day to day life. It's not a big deal, everyone deals with worry in life. But it seriously helps nothing and no one.
    If you find it hard to let go of bad thoughts, try writing them down. Then write down things that you feel good about straight after. Talk to someone about how you're feeling (partner/friend/parent/sibling)
    Every day, focus on being as healthy and joyful as you can. And also find a community of other mothers so you can discuss pregnancy experiences and get advice and reassurance.


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