Crazy story too read! Does he still "fancy" me?

So me and this guy we are still in high school we kept giving eachother signals that we fancied one another so this guy eventually asked me on a date to the cinema. He isn't great over texting but when you're with him boy he's such a gentleman!
However when we got back to school we got busted and everyone went crazy and started joking about us, and making sexual comments because everyone in my school is immature, they are so annoying to us and keep saying "OHHH YOU GUYS ARE FLIRTING AND GOING OUT WAAAAAY" he told people he was flirting with me. Anyway after about a weeks worth of people being idiots about this idea of me and him going on a date, he told this boy I was friends with that he is going to stop flirting with me because he's had so much crap being said to him about it.
I wasn't sure if It was true so I asked him if he would like to meet me outside of school just us near where he lives and he replied "sure" however a few days after (the day before we were supposed to meet) I messaged him saying "you still up for tomorrow?:)" and he replied quite simply "na" and this really upset me because I made an effort and he's just going to change his mind at the last minuet. Does he still fancy me?

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  • He still likes you he's just frustrated with the amount of crap he's getting so he's calling it off

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