I'm hoping to buy a muscle car one day, any suggestions?

One day I'd like to save up enough extra money to buy a muscle car. I've always loved them, I'm just hoping to get some ideas. I love the look of the 69' camaro but I'd be happy to hear any ideas you might have. Trying to find something that'd suit me, thanks for any ideas!


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  • You'll be saving a while if you want a 69 Camaro. Impalas, Beaumonts, Fairlanes, Galaxies, Monacos, just to name a few, are nice cars for 1/4 the price.
    Dont get a muscle car as your only car. They are very expensive to run- constant maintenance and lousy mileage mainly.
    And remember the golden rule- "Cheap, reliable, fast- pick any two"

    • Thanks for the suggestions, and yea you're right about the Camaro lol that's kinda the reason I was hoping to get some more suggestions, so thank you!

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  • New or antique? A 1970 Chevelle SS with the LS6 package had 450hp under the hood. Might be hard to get one with the LS6 option, but the standard 454 put out 350hp I believe.

    If new, a V6 Camaro stick shift convertible would be my choice. A convertible with good gas mileage and around 300hp. I'd even upgrade to the aftermarket suspension kit for better handling for another $2K.

    • I'd probably go with an older generation, growing up my dad always had older generation camaros, novas or chevelles. Always loved em, though I do like some of the newer cars like the camaro.

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    • You should ask him to give you one as a B-day gift. Maybe fix a wreck that's affordable.

    • That'd be pretty awesome if he would. I just think it'd be awesome to have one someday.

  • I drove a hellcat before.. Was very badass.

  • Don't, muscle cars are shit. Buy a Tesla.


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