You are accused of a criminal offense , a detective asks you to come to a location to possibly talk or participate in the case in someway. Do you go?

Your car is hit and you file a police report , once you do a cop comes back and says a detective wants to talk to you about an unrelated criminal investigation you were mentioned in. He asks if you would mind going down to talk to which you say no, he instead gives you a card from his squad car that says " be here at such and such time" do you go? What do you say if anything? Mind you I don't have money for a lawyer


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  • I would not go. Sounds like an intimidation tactic.. Even if you have nothing to hide and/or eventually get a warrant out for your arrest, don't say anything!

    • I have absolutely nothing to hide. And I am doing my best to remain calm. I believe this was a tactic of there's as well because they asked me to come down on a Friday around 4-5 o'clock... Obviously I wouldn't be able to obtain a lawyer at that time, then they basically gave me a card saying could I come to this place at "9am" Monday again... odds aren't on my side with getting legal counsel from that short time period , I don't have money for a lawyer. Do you believe if they could arrest me they would have done so already?

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    • Thanks man. I feel if they could arrest me they would have already tried to do that yknow I'm not a lawyer neither but I don't wanna go blindly into this because I'm accused of serious stuff I'm not making any statements and I would hate to go down over accusation

    • This is in Ohio

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