Confused about how the process of becoming a citizen in the UK?

I am finishing up high school this year and I decided I want to take a trip to London, England this summer I also decided I want to permanently stay there for good as well when I come back from my trip this summer because I want to start a new life and I want something new while I'm still alive. I was looking up naturalization from the UK government website but it's super confusing because it leads me to 10 other things. I was just wondering how do I start the process of naturalization.


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  • Well, generally speaking, if you want to start the process of naturalization, you need to stay/live there for a long time. And in order to live there for a long time, you need to have a stable job (or be admitted to a university in the UK). So I'd suggest this is where you should start. However... don't you first wanna find out what it's like to live in England? Have you ever lived there previously? A two-week vacation is certainly not enough to decide whether you like it or not. You should familiarize yourself with the culture, the mentality, the customs etc. and you can only do this if you've lived there for AT LEAST a few months. Americans often tend to think that England is pretty much the same as the US because people there also speak English. Well, it doesn't work quite that way. It's a different country, a different continent in fact. Things might end up being more difficult for you to cope with than you assume.


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