I working on a letter to a gift for a friend and I need some help on how to finish it. I have some ideas but I can't choose?

here is what i have so far in the letter:
" ...
you have shown me God's love since day one. i hope this shows you God's love. Thank you for being my platonic valentine."

- how should i finish?
the reason he is my platonic valentines is because he is gay so he doesn't see me like that but he also agrees with the bible so he chooses to not date guys. but he does get lonely from time to time. So i asked him if he be my platonic valentines, so he wouldn't feel lonely on that day because im sure seeing what day that is he might be bum and feel lonely.

ONE MORE THING! im asking your opinon on the contents of the letter NOT my friend's livestyle and his views on the bible stuff so please if you have any opinion on him PLEASE keep them to yourself!!! thank you

  • Thank you for being my platonic valentine. Its been fun
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  • Thank you for being my platonic valentine. Its been cool
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  • Thank you for being my platonic valentine. its been interesting
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  • ... im over thinking this and what i have is enough
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  • Sounds just fine the way that it is as long as you remember to capitalize it..


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