Who else thinks verbal bullying is not a big deal?

I feel like kids these days are too sensitive and don't know how to fend for themselves. I have been bullied a lot when I was in high school those mean words definitely did hurt but also strengthened me. I wasn't scarred for life or had any suicidal thoughts or anything. I actually had it a lot worse than most people. I went to China as a foreign exchange student and made fun of for being black but I always had a thick skin.


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  • If there were more kids that would stand up for kids being bullied, then it wouldn't be a big deal. I got bullied very hard in middle school, my own friends acted like they hated me and teased me and spread rumors about me. They acted like they'd kick my ass because I was smaller than them and was a "nerd" to them. I did meet my oldest friend through those times. He was friends with these people to, and they teased him, but they seriously hated me. They would try to get me to cry and shit and they were suppose to be my friends.

    I just wish I was stronger back then, because I'm very anti-bully now and would stick up for a kid who was getting bullied, and probably fight for them. And I wish I was that way back then, but I was way too scared and it really got to me.

    But even tho I had a horrible experience in middle school, and can't really say much. But I do think kids need a little more backbone, but the thing is, they're kids and don't understand it as much. I've learned to not give a shit about what people say about me (although it does bother me a tiny bit, not nearly as much as when I was a kid tho). When you're a kid, other kids opinions about you is a lot stronger than adults. They aren't mentally all-there yet, and are still learning basic life skills.


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  • Check your age.

    From my point of view, you are one of "these kids these days". Bullying sucked when when I was a kid too. Thing is we did not have anti-bullying policies to defend us.
    I got through it. I've gone on to much bigger things. I still carry the scars from that time. I always will.

    You would never say "What's the BFD with cancer?"

    You would never say "What's the BFD with domestic violence?"

    You would never say "What's the BFD with experiencing the loss of a loved one?"

    Yet, for you, this one way that others have experienced misery is unworthy of your empathy for the sole reason that this bad thing had also happened to you. Personal experience SHOULD soften your heart, not harden it.

  • It is a big deal. Verbal bullying is the kind of shit that starts wars with millions dead.


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  • yeah no. bullying is ALWAYS a big deal, whether u think people are 'too sensitive' or not.
    trust me when i say, u have not had it worse than many people out there. in some areas of the world, bullying would actually be the most minuscule of problems. remember that.

  • Verbal bullying is the biggest deal. Beat someone up no problem but make their life hell with cyberstalking or whatever and they kill themselves.