When was the last time you did something that was on your bucketlist?

You know.. The kinda things u wanna do before u die😛

i did one today! I went skydiving and it was AMAZING! Can't explain how much I enjoyed it, I really wanna do it again ❤️So yay! I just got another check on my list :)

how about u?


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  • I drove from Dallas, Texas out to LA. Went out to Vegas on the return trip. One of the best times I've ever had :)

    • Thats pretty cool! Road trips are so much fun!

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  • nice! :D
    well my last one was 2 years ago- went to Hawaii! :D

    • Hawaii! 😍 I imagine there are beautiful views there and pretty awesome wildlife!

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  • OMG giiirl you re so lucky xD I wanna try it out ^^
    hmm maybe joining the swimming team in the university was a bit of a small goal to do :P
    And I wanna try paragliding soon when the weather is good :P

    • Haha yeah! It was so perfect ❤️

      we have a pro swimmer here, huh?😎haha

      Oh paragliding is nice!! Make sure u do it :)

    • lol no not that much :P
      I will ^^

  • I want to try skydiving too! You make me jealous hahaha! :D
    I checked 3 items off my list last week. I finally learned to do splits, then I saved enough money to buy myself literally a dozen novels! <3
    Then I started learning to play the piano.

    • You HAVE TO!!! Hah its seriously amazing, I felt like a bird lol

      nice! happy for u :D