Please share your best Valentines Day memories! :)?

I wanna hear your best memories for Valentines day :) Maybe I'll steal some ideas for my baby ;)


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  • I've only celebrated two valentines days, with this being my third. The first I got roses and chocolate, and the second we ordered Chinese takeout and watched movies all night. Nothing too special lol

    • Whats something you wish for a guy to do for you?

    • Honestly? As long as I get to spend the day with him I'm happy.

    • I feel the same but this is the first year im actually going to put in effort to make it special.

  • When I was 16 my boyfriend gave me roses and a teddy bear. Then he told me he's wanted to tell me something for a while. He sat me down and told me he loved me more than life itself. That if I felt the same he wanted to marry me when we turned 18 and run away together, not caring what our families think. He wanted me to be the mother of his Children and to grow old with me. We ended up breaking up and he's getting a divorce to his arranged wife and trying to come back to me.

    • will you go back to him?

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    • Good luck sweetie.
      I genuinely wish you a happy future with him :)

    • Thank you so much. I wasn't going to till you made a good point and gave me the help I needed. I wish you a happy Valentine's Day and a happy future with who ever you may choose. You made my day and decision much easier.

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