Am I wrong for not giving my dog my food?

My dog is... unbelievable..
this is what he does

He will sit there and watch you eat, give you the puppy eyes, and act so hungry or whatever
you just feel so bad for him.. so i share until im done... he eats like a human.. so its like sharing with a person.

when i get done he runs to his bowl, brings back a mouth full of his food and eats it in my face like
"Ha, i bet you still hungry... fool... falls for it teverytime.."

While im sitting there hungry...

Am i wrong for not wanting to feed him my food?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Generally it's better to train your dog not to expect you to share with him. That doesn't mean you can't give him a human-food treat once in a while (make sure it's okay for dogs to eat!), but don't feed him at the table.

    Onions, avocados, and chocolate are all poisonous to dogs.

    • only heard of chocolate

    • Onions and avocados are bad as well. Also grapes, and lettuce, I believe. And NEVER let your dog eat a fish head. If you're going to give human food to your dog you should do a bit of research first to make sure you're not giving it anything bad.

    • wow.. thats kinda.. a lot

Most Helpful Guy

  • no your are ok, you shouldn't really feed them people food anyway


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What Girls Said 8

  • All dogs try to beg and mine definitely do, I do share my food with them however there will bet times I don't and send them away, dogs don't try to make you feel like a fool.. if that's what you're thinking. Its important not to give them human food all the time, fortunately my dogs treats are vegetables and occasional dog treats. No one is telling you to feed your dog your own food we just do because we feel bad however it's not necessarily good for them.

    • Howd you g51st him to eat veggies
      My dog probably laugh of i tried that

    • Since he was a puppy I suppose.

  • It's actually unhealthy for dogs to eat many human foods.

  • The dogs stomachs aren't made to digest most of the human food you give them.
    You are responsible for their health, and are doing more harm than good.

  • It's unclear if you do or don't give your dog your food. You seem to say both.
    I never give in to my dog begging.

    • I give my dog human food because he always begs for it
      but im trying not to give him it im telling him no more and more each time

    • He will continue to beg for it. You've already trained him it works to beg. You need to be resolute in your efforts.

  • you really shouldn't be giving him that much human food, he will quickly become overweight. when he begs make him go lie down on his bed or yell at him. it sucks but he has his own food to eat and it's for his own good. if you don't discipline your dog they can go from being a sweet and loving pet to an aggressive and nasty animal. the occasional treat is ok, but put it into his bowl, and not directly from the table.

    • He's very fat and yeah he obeys he's just bad...

    • well make him go lie down on his bed then when you are eating so you don't have to look at him. being very fat is unhealthy for dogs, it doesn't help with arthritis and stuff when they get older.

    • Yeah when my dog watches you eat
      you have to say "GO." in a deep and serious voice for him to run away.. if you dont hells just jump but stay there.. when he does leave he will comeback like 3 minutes later

  • generally all dogs will want to eat when you do, even if they've just eaten. they still want their owners food. you mustn't feel bad and not give him food. pretend he isn't there. my aunts dog used to do that with me, he even bit my toes cause I didn't share. then walked away when he realized that I wasn't gonna give him anything.

    • I remember when the dog first. But our toes... Hated that

  • My dog does the same thing except she doesn't have a bowl full of dog food (we give her some for breakfast and some for dinner. She eats all of it in less than a minute)

    • we have his just sitting out maybe thats a good idea

  • Some food (seasonings, onions, chocolate etc.) are bad for dogs. You can give them some vegetables but it's good that you stick to food that are made for dogs.

    • if my dog were to eat veggies id give
      away everything i own.

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    • what do you mean

    • Lol, it's just that you said you'll 'give everything i own'.
      So I meant that you think about yourself before anything. Take care of yourself.

What Guys Said 4

  • Dogs have a specific diet... but nothing wrong with feeding dogs a little raw meat and veggies in their diet.

    There is a lot of holistic diets out there now for dogs, but you would want to check and be sure what you give him is safe.

  • You would be wrong if you did give it to him. Human food generally isn't good for dogs.

  • As long as your pets get decent amount of any food they like, no prob.

  • Lmao, my dogs do the same thing just give him meat try to take as much of the seasoning off as possible meat is great for him.

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