I can't stop comparing me and my sisters life and im starting to get depressed and sad?

My first mistake is to compare us, we are very different and we have very different social life. But atm im not too happy with my situation, so when i hear her situation i do feel a bit envious and sad because i want what she has.

Shortly explained im the more reserved one. I dont go out much because i rarely get invited and im styding something i dont see myself having any future carrier in. My sister on the other hand is a more inculding and warm person, she goes out a lot and have many friends. She is studying something she does see a future in.

I know i can act standof-ish (without trying ofc=, and i dont put too much into relationship with people. And its not because i dont want to, but because i feel like people dont like me. Its not that i think they dislike me, but i just assume they are inffierent about me being there or if its a guy that im dating i assume he only wants me for mty looks

She is telling me about the hook ups she has and now she has a potential boyfriend, and im lonier than ever. Its not a competition, but hearing about her life makes me realise how much i dont like me life, and how nobody honestly likes me.

i feel unlikable and uninteresting.. and i feel like people would be more interesting in getting to know me if they liked me. Yes, i know its a two way street, but i guess past experiences had made me like this


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  • Your sister has nothing to do with any of this. She is not making you act the way you are or making your choices for you. You need to take responsibility for the situation before it can change. Once you take responsibility, you need to consider if you are willing to do what she does to improve your life the way she has. If you can't be like that, can you change? If you can't change, are you looking for the wrong things in the first place?


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