How do I become more emiotnally invested in people?

Best advice to someone who has problems investing in people, epseically emotionally? I really do want a serious relationship, but i know i dont really invest much more than time when im dating or/and seeing someone. I belive the reason for that is that im afraid of getting hurt and of wasting time.

I do have a different approach to the whole "wasting time" mentality because my mother told me that you never know if the guy is worth it or not, and that you just have to dive into it. And whats happens happens.

It made me think about it a bit differently and im open to be more open basically. So any advice?


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  • Getting hurt is a real risk in all relationships. The more serious the relationship the greater the risk. You simple need to decide if you are willing to make that risk to even get started. Wasting time is a more utilitarian concern. I never considered any relationship, even totally failures, to be a waste of time. There is so much to be learned, especially when you have no experience. You should not assume that your first relationship will be your last. Since you will bring what you learned into your next relationship, the previous ones were not a waste of time after all.


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