Anyone ever tried ant farming?

Y'know, with the little tanks and stuff?

I was thinking of giving it a try in my greenhouse ( and I was hoping someone here has done it before, so they can give my the "juicy deets" on it.

So, if you fit that description, could you please tell me what/how you do it? Is it fun? What do you feed them? How much attention do they need? Do the ants escape often? Should I go for one tank or a few and join them together? Do they need to be kept indoors for any part of the year?

Thanks in advance :)

Does anyone else want to make a contribution? :)


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  • I convinced my parents to buy me an ant farm back in the day. So I got this gel thing (the aunts eat it as food?) and I poured the ants in there and you know what? All but 3 of those idiots were dead upon arrival. And 2 of them died because they were too dumb to figure out how to eat and the last one died because it too couldn't figure out how to live.

    Dumbest thing ever.


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