Why do most of Mozart's works sound too happy?

Most of Mozart's works are in major keys and they sound too happy. He was so into major keys. Some major key works can sound emotional but exceptions don't break the rule. Why are most of his works too happy?


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  • because that what was selling in his era. if you read his biogaphy he wa very peculiar and sexually perverse. probably if you left him write whatever he wanted we'd have some very crazy works. except if he used music as a form of catharsis to balance his crazy life.

    • also we got to face the fact your question is wrong. are all his pieces happy? is the requiem happy? and even those you see as happy, is that just projection of your own psychology and character?

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    • MAYBE 95 PERCENT OF HIS WORKS. Almost All.

    • thats what was selling in the hedonistic airhead aristocracy of his era. puffy happy cutie stuff.

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