Why do we attach labels to cancer patients like "brave", "heroic" or "warriors" when they're simply either victims or survivors?

I don't get it. People always talk about how brave and heroic they are because they are chosing to get treated for the disease and endure the pain rahter than giving up and dying (even though it's not that simple; ask me for details). But virtually everyone would rather get treated and endure the pain rahter than giving up and dying. Take this analogy: if you cornered a stray dog, approached it and it bit you and you said that dog was viscous, people would laugh at you. They would say "it was cornered, what did you expect". It wasn't being viscous and when cornered, even seemingly docile animals will behave aggressivley. The same principal applies to calling people with cancer brave or heroic. Sure it may seem unfathomable to us to endure such pain when going through the treatments, but if the alternative is dying it doesn't take bravery or heorism to endure that, all it takes is instinct. Besides, as painful as the treatments are, the cancer itself will easily cause more agony than they will. So if you're two options is endure the pain of treatments and possibly survive or suffer even more agony and die for sure, it doesn't take bravery, all it takes is common sense. So what's with all of this undo appraisal we shower them with?


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  • because they're fighting for their lives.. Simple concept right?

    • Anyone would "fight" if their life is in danger, I already refuted that claim in the details section.

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