This involves the replacement/repair of a laptop. Who can help?

My sister dropped this laptop about a year ago. I have been trying to fix it last year but gave up and continued using my other laptop that was working fine. Then that one died and it wasn't until tonight that i started messing with it again (tired of using just my chromebook and not being to use my animation software) because i was tired of using my sisters computer. Bottom line I have 2 directions to go from here. I transferred my old hard drive to the newer computer turns out my older harddrive has more space than the other computer and i put it in and it works. But there is a downside, some of the drivers need to be updated and I will figure that out later. I want to know if it was possible for the computer my sister dropped for the harddrive to just have slipped out of the port a little bit making it seem like the hard drive needed to be replaced ( i didn't put it back in and try.. it was hard putting the keyboad back into place) but instead it works fine and just needed to be nudged back in. Thank You if you have any experience with this.


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  • Not likely. If you dropped it and the hdd wasn't working, almost certain the hdd is no good.

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