Do they really hate me that much?

There were some arguments with my group. I asked them where they were sitting and they saw it and didn't reply.

I was so confused. Did they really hate me that much that they didn't want to sit with me.


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  • Ahh maybe they are still harbouring feelings from the argument or something. I would not think too much into it. Give them some time to cool off.

    However I don't think its cool that they could all get together and ostracize you like that. Real friends don't do that. Who knows, maybe now you are being exposed to their true character. Take it as a signal that maybe you need to find new friends.

    Hope it all works out in your favour! :)

    • Unfortunately this is a University work group and I have two more assignments I need to work on them with. I am starting to hate them

    • University work group? AHHH I HATE THOSE (-.-)... I hated most of my university groups because I ended up doing a big part of the work. The only thing I learned from these groups is to trust no one lol

      Anyways, its best you just get involved as much as they can. Reason why I say this is because if they don't allow you to get involved, they can go and say you were lazy and didn't do work when in reality they were at fault... Get involved and do your bit in every assignment. Focus on this as motivation: this group is not going to last forever; it will be over soon!

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