Have you ever ate something so good you kinda got lost in time?

Soooo good ben and jerry ice cream! Everytime. mm... I just love it.


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  • Yes, I was 22 and she was... oh sorry, I mean for sure... my slow smoked ribs all rubbed up with spices and lathered in homemade bbq sauce. Like this...

    media1. s-nbcnews. com/.../...8e5dd69f811ac67a4a. jpg

    • I actually use a mesquite style rub with homemade apple butter bbq sauce... a little spice with a little sweet apple flavor. I use apple tree wood too!

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    • Thanks for the recipe man.

    • @detlef no prob... enjoy! My recipe you had a hint of celery seed. It gives it a nice flavor.

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  • When I'm stoned as shit, I sit there and think about every detail of the food I'm eating; the texture, the taste, individual ingredients. I usually have my eyes closed, deep in thought about how good it tastes, probably for a good 10 minutes at a time.

  • Yes a many of times. I'm a foodie ☺️

    • Food orgasm! haha! I am loving this! So good! hahah! I bet in true love had a flavor this would be it.

  • oh yasss

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