People Think I'm Older Than I Am?

At my workplace (been working there for two years) I've made many friends and nice people to talk to. People don't discuss age much but when many of them asked my age this year and told them I was a freshman, they were all extremely shocked. Many of them thought I was at least a junior or a senior. One even believed I was in my twenties. This was so odd because physically, I look on the younger side. I'm short, thin, and have a relatively baby face. Another interesting thing is on instagram, someone had commented that I looked very young, much younger than I am, on a post. However, with the people I speak to or spend time with in person, they all assume I am much older. I'm a little confused by this, why is this?


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  • Where the fuck do you live? It's illegal to work here under the age of 16.