How could you possibly trust other humans?

I think humans invented the concept of demons to rationalize how demonic humans were. "Oh, it's not us, it's actually something worse." Humans are the closest things to demons on the planet. You never know how a human is going to react. You never know how *you* will react even if you think you do. Humans are monsters. But everyone thinks they're good. Those are the ones I trust the least. Because they are unaware of what they are capable of, and are thus that much more likely to succumb to themselves. I'm just a bastard but at least I admit it.

Is it just like the thought of dying? You just don't think about the possibility? If so then aren't you significantly more likely to end up a victim?


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  • I think so too, of all animals, humans have the greatest understanding of mortality... and derive the greatest pleasure in dishing out death and suffering. I never trust people, ever, and every time I do, I'm torn asunder.


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  • Lol, you don't know wtf you're talking about. Demons are entities/spirits.

    • No, they're not even real

    • That's because you've never encountered one, I have. I tell you again, you don't know what you're talking about.
      Even Satanists know they're real. Read up.
      I might not agree with demon's policies but I certainly respect them enough to not fuck with them.

    • You cannot trust your perception, much less the perception of others. Even if you claimed to have seen a demon, and perhaps you did, human eyes are terrible. Human sense are terrible. And the human brain is entirely retarded. Humans are emotional creatures, not rational ones. This makes perceiving truth harder. Not to mention these people who have claimed to have seen demons could be schizophrenic.

      You believe what you want to believe is true, or you believe what you're afraid is true.

      "All Gods of the gentiles are demons." How unbelievably arrogant could you possibly be.

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