How do I fix this?

I was being mean to a group member, then he reacted back, then it got super-bad where I just left.

I think he hated me so much to the extent he didn't want to sit beside me and stopped replying to my message.

On the one hand, the situation got so out of hand that it needs to be fixed. If they're behaving this way, I wonder if they plan on complaining about me to the professor, (even though I'm not even in the wrong). On the other, it's sort of like pandering to his ego if I ask him to sort things out.

What should i do?


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  • do you really care if it "panders to his ego".

    apologize for whatever u did which caused them to get upset. doesn't matter if it was warranted or not... if u wanna move on that's what u gotta do


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