What's the stangest food combination that you like?

By strange I mean something most people wouldn't expect to be nice. For example chicken with chocolate (I haven't tried it but a friend said it's nice). Examples I like are chicken with tinned peaches, and green apple with feta cheese (actually I think it's quite popular). Lettuce with orange is suprisingly nice too.


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  • I like bread with sweet rice.

    • What is sweet rice?

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    • Ahh rice pudding. Don't think I've tried it but it actually sounds quite nice

    • I think you should try it. It's so delicious!

  • Eggs in the morning with ketchup= best thing ever.

    try 2 pieces of bread or toast, put some butter, iceberg lettuce and some cracked pepper= tastes so good!!

    In asia, its a trend to put an American processed cheese slice in your ramen noodle soup!

    • I hate eggs, I would need loads of ketchup to be able to eat it without puking. The others sound nice

What Guys Said 1

  • A sandwich with lunch meat and choclate sprinkles

    • That does not sound nice :D

    • No it doesn't, everybody i have got to try it hated it. I guess i am just special because i love the taste. But hell i am weird overall.

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