What are your thoughts on paternity fraud and DNA testing?

Imagine John and Jane are a couple. They want a kid. However, John is working his tail off 60 hours a week and isn't home a lot. Jane feels lonely.

Jane gets pregnant and the child is born. The kid has a lot of Jane's features but doesn't seem to share any with John. John, still seeing the child as part of the family, cares for the child as if it were his own for the next 18 years, shelling out thousands of dollars for health and education for the child.

However, John is not the father.

While John was slaving away at work, Jane, feeling lonely, decided to sleep with a random guy and got pregnant by him. Jane, through home pregnancy tests, knows that the baby is the seed of the random guy. Jane convinces John to have sex multiple times after her discovery to trick him into thinking that the baby growing in her is his.

John finds out 18 years after the child that the child is not his, via a DNA test. He's absolutely devastated. 18 years of money for raising another man's child because despite working his ass off at work to make a good living for himself and Jane, Jane felt lonely and decided it was okay to cheat.

What are your thoughts on paternity fraud, aka mother's lying about the father of her child while knowing the true identity of the father? Also, the thousands of dollars that the father is conned out of?
Do you think men should get DNA tests before children are born?

There's a story online about this actually happening, but I don't have enough Xper points to post a link. "A mother's infidelity and the lie that left her son without a father" is the title.


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  • He should be able to file a suit against the woman for the estimated costs of raising the child. She can then sue the original father for back child support.


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