Are they planning to kick me out?

My group, they're not responding to me since the last assignment. We have 2 more to go.

When I asked where they are sitting? no reply. When I asked to sort it out? No reply.

I'm wondering at this point if they are all thinking of going to the prof together and getting me either kicked out or in trouble. Why would someone not want to sort thigns out?


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  • Is this a group of girls around 19 or 20? Talk to your teacher.

    • 2 boys and 1 girl, with one boy who may have liked me and is now bitter that I didn't reciprocate that.

      I am hesitant to talk to my prof becuse he may think we're immature but that may have to be the only option left

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    • Yes, it is worth 10% of the course

    • Ok, well it does not matter that it is not worth much, if you don't complete it you will fail that paper. You have to hand in all assessments. Even if you get a pass mark you will still fail that paper if you don't do an assessment.

  • Go to the teacher first and give them your side of the story before they get to talk to them. The teacher can force them to at least respond to you so you can sort it out.

  • Sounds like you did something but you were unaware of it so there punishing you for it by not talking to you


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