Is it weird of me to wish I could go back to high school with what I know now?

Its been 5 years, but I have grown so much. I know a lot more now, my confidence has skyrocketed, physically I am different. I just wish I could go back.
Like I really think I could've had so many girls, I could've done a lot better in school, and I could have be more popular with friends.
Am I the only one who has thought about it?


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  • Its because you want to prove to everyone in high school you're worth something and you want to show them how much you've transformed. Its totally normal.
    Maybe its a little weird considering you're now living in your glory days, and making such a great living for yourself (especially compared to HS) you should be happy where you are now.
    You'll have your high school reunion sometime in the future.
    But don't waste time pondering in the past because you can't go back, sorry to break it to you, you've already been given your chance as a teenager, now you're being given a chance as a young adult and you've proved successful and worthy. Live in the moment & enjoy yourself, you have plenty to be proud of.


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  • You can do all of these things now... no need to spend too much time dwelling on the past.

    • I am I am, but its just that "high school experience" I missed out on.

    • Meh. Overrated.

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  • Nope, I think of that a lot.

  • Not really, I'm sure a lot of people feel that way.