I'm just really fed up... what am I doing wrong?

I left college two years ago. I have yet to even get a paid job and all I've been doing is volunteer work... each and every single interview "get more experience!" I've always been down about it... I've mastered interviews, I've gone through every psychological mind of thought that occurs in an interviewers mind during an interview. Nothing. Nada - the most I get is a temp job for 4 weeks.

My friend who has only just left college went for the same job as me... 'ongoing' jobs they said - just a call centre but our interview dates were different so we weren't both there at the same time.
Guess who got offered the permanant job and guess who was directed to a temp job?

I'm not angry at my friend and I'm not holding anything against but I'm just so sick and tired of searching for 2 years and she gets a job 2 weeks after leaving. I just feel so unbelievably shit, I just think I am unhirable. I want a job. I don't want to be on benefits I'm just so fed up of being rejected to every job I apply for.


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  • Maybe you should move around and try searching in a different city. Have you tried Craigslist?

    • No. Don't want to and can't move.

    • You might just have to way out for an opening but in the meantime you should just keep doing internships and volunteering to build your resume

    • CV. Not resume.

  • well, try to make an objective professional comparison between you and your friend, trying to pinpoint a key difference between the two of you, perhaps you will find something that your friend has that you dont, or the other way around, both negative and positive, if you find it, then maybe you could fix the problem

  • Have you tried job fairs? Maybe you majored in something that to many people have also took in college and not enough jobs in that area.


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