Anyone else have that in-between stage of not quite a kid, not quite an adult?

I'm going through it right now and it SUCKS. I feel constantly stressed. I'm expected to take on adult responsibilities but still be treated like a kid. It doesn't make sense. When I act like an adult I'm being too grown but if I act more child-like then I'm being immature. My god.

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  • It's called adolesence and it's a social construct. It never used to exist. Once you hit puberty you used to be considered an adult. My guess is that there was a lot of accidents in the work force, resulting in the creation of a transition period where you are still treated like a child to give you time to adjust. Again it's a social construct your already biologically an adult. Who cares what society says.


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  • Hahahaha. I'm the oldest of seven. Either, I'm too bossy and I get in trouble, or they don't do what they have to do and I get in trouble. I'm not allowed to express my opinion unless it's explicitly asked for. If I talk to a guy who is remotely attractive, we're secretly dating. If I don't talk to any guys, I'm anti-social. If I say something funny, my mom thought of it first. If she says something dumb, she was misinformed by me. When I'm being yelled at, if I sit back and take the beating I'm sullen and not sorry. If I try to explain, then I'm told to shut up.

    It's impossible to win. Welcome to life. You will never be the old enough to be in charge and never young enough to make mistakes...


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