Can mentally ill men become successful as someone who's independent and how would their love life be? Like can they make a high salary as well?

I'm a 20 year old guy and have a mental disorder and I have low intellectual cognitive ability... I process things much slower and when I try to say something I end up saying one of the words jumbled and it wouldn't make sense... I received information regarding my qualifications for disability they said I cannot do substantial work but I can work and thought I would work better with accommodations... I also worry about my love life and think how would I get a woman and have kids if I can't even work full time... I want to earn at least 6 figures but you can't do that working part time and I also want to live in LA but u know it's hard and my dream girl is an independent dominant woman that I want to look up to and say that is my Wife!!


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  • You got this brah, never say never

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