Question for Christians and Muslims who say that atheism inspired Stalin and Mao to commit their crimes and persecute people for their belief?

The God you worship makes all people who don't worship him condemn forever in hell for not beleiving in him (and unlink Stalin he can read minds and condemn people for there thoughts) and instead of persecuting millions to a finite suffering for the thoughts that they expressed, God would be persecuting billions for an infinite ammount of time for the thoughts that they had. So if you worship such a being, how could you say that it's wrong to punish people for their beleifs.


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  • i think the Christopher Hitchens was the most articulate thinker of the 20th/21at century

    Your thesis is quite a conundrum, isn't it.


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  • Hitchens is a lightweight.

    First off, there is little Biblical support for the idea that anyone spends an eternity in Hell. More likely is what Jesus stated: everyone is, by their nature, destined for the destruction of their soul in Gehenna upon death. The only way to avoid certain death is by accepting the Lord's pardon through the New Covenant. After all, it's within the rights of the Supreme Being to let those he deems worthy into heaven.

    Again, Hitchens is no challenge to debunk. He's the debate club easy mode.