Identity theft?

Can an older person, say 40-50 years of age steal a man's identity who is 22? The 40-50 person clearly looks older than 22, and the 22 year old male clearly is young.

I went in to a job I'm trying to get, I was asked for two forms of I. D I gave him driver's license and social security card. I know I shouldn't have given him ss card, but it was a weird day.

He took the cards and went into the back room and was '' entering my information into the system.''

He did this for about 15-17 minutes.

So, if anyone knows anything about identity theft, how likely it is that he would steal my identity.. numbers to call to check and whatnot I'd greatly appreciate it so much, thank you.


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  • He could totally steal your identity. It's not as if your picture comes up in some imaginary system when you go to a bank or take out a loan. Even if he looks nothing like you he could just replace the photo with one of his own. He probably wouldn't even have to bother changing the birthdate.

    Keeping an eye on your account/credit score and notify the company and police if anything strange shows up is about all you can do.

    • Believe me, I will be watching like a hawk. I hope he doesn't know how to do all that, change out photos. It's not really common knowledge, I'm probably okay, but you bet your ass I am calling everyone.

      I am calling for address change requests (bitch ain't getting my mail) I'm calling for bank statements, DMV records, medical records...


      If I ever find out he did anything with it, god help him.

  • It's a possibility for sure

    • If he isn't stealing it for himself he could also be stealing it to sell to someone else. That's usually how it works actually

    • The government needs to fucking have tighter security on this shit. So people have to go in person and change address, and other information, and run checks to see if anyone else has the same name, obviously nobody has the same ss number so they should check more into people trying to do this shit.

      Man I hate fucking thieves.

      Thanks for answering.

    • I agree. No problem.

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