I've noticed a lot of people deactivating their accounts and announcing that they are doing it... what's up with that?

Yo, if you are going to deactivate your account it would be G as fuck if you announced it in the opinions of this question... just saying.

  • It's because they finally found something better to do with there time than trying to answer people's lame questions about their personal woes & the lame attention whoring questions
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  • I'm G af
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  • Maybe they got sick of the same old same old...
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  • Maybe they made a fool of themselves on this site so they decided to disappear for awhile
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  • 2 reasons - dick pics & hate mail.
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  • I'm still G af
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  • They leveled up so much that they became god and they are now omnipresent.
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  • Meh its been like that forever 😛

  • I get sick of the mods and admin favouritising women

    • WOAH... shots fired, care to elaborate with further detail?

    • You can call a girl stupid but she can insult you call you a retard and get away with it. And there are some regular femlae trolls on here and they never get content removed.