Need help with English, someone please help?


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  • What do you need help with? I can try and help you.

    • what does 'textual convention' and 'significant language features' mean?

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    • sorry, would like to ask if it says 'how does one significant language features shaped your response to a text?' - what does it mean?

  • What kind of help do you need?

    • what does 'textual convention' and 'significant language features' mean?

    • Textual conventions in simple terms mean the way you write and how you write and what makes easier for the reader to understand your sentences while being effective in your communication.

      About significant language feature, I am also not sure but I think it means that a user uses the words in a such a way so that it highlights the importance of that sentence or what they are trying to convey, so as to keep the reader curious and interested.

      to give you a few examples:

      Repetition: This will catch the attention of the reader to and to emphasis the idea/concept. Hence you can say it highlights its importance.

      2. Personification: when a non living object is given human qualities, or is used in such a way as it would be for humans.

      3. Metaphor: Metaphor is the feature that is used for comparing one thing with another.

      Metaphor is used to create a strong image in the reader's mind.

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