Would this affect the scoring on scantron exams?

So I just had my exam a while ago and we had this very weird proctor. She marked papers who had corrections (we've always been allowed to have corrections) and I was wondering if that would cause me to be incorrect or even fail?

I only had one correction and she drew these huge 2 vertical lines beside the ovals. Would I be marked incorrect by te machine? :(


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  • Those machines usually tend to be pretty good and don't pick up noise like marks outside the ovals. In the rare case that they're inaccurate though (I had this happen once in a biology class in a university where I didn't erase very thoroughly), you can point it out to the professor and they'll usually take your word for it and correct the grade, especially if you can explain the rationale for the correct answer on the spot.

    • In general, it helps if you don't see your professors/teachers as some scary dictator figure but someone you can easily and casually talk to during and after class. I didn't take advantage of this until later, but there's no reason to fear being penalized for a correct answer just based on machine inaccuracy, the professors are people with whom you can casually discuss these matters.

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