What can I do with this company?

I got the job at this place we are going to call R. they told me two three months ago that I would be starting the next week then after that week was over she had said then the next week. After those weeks she had told me that we are gonna have to wait for ECS to order a new training class a month or two go by and i get an email from rebecca saying that they just ordered one and then she will provide me with the information on Monday on what to where, what time and what to bring. I emailed rebecca back saying I had another commitment and wanted to know the times long story short she told me i should be fine since it'll be over at 4:30 and my other commitment will be at 5-730. Friday goes by and nothing Monday goes and I email here on Monday about the time and no reply? now I call my recruiter and she said we are going to have to wait for ECS to order the class again I am pissed that the lady didn't reply and I tried contacting them and my recruiter told me everyone got the email to be there @ 7:30 except for me.


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  • eventho recruiters get many people jobs (me as well), they are shady, and have questionable practices.


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