What should I say? should I change who I am?

so i'm the kinda girls who hangs out with guys mostly , i'm stylish and people often tell me that i'm attractive but than here we are one of my friends started making fun of me calling me "bro.. dude" and stuff like that i hated it so i said "yeah maybe when you stopped being a man i stopped being a woman" and other stuff like calling him SIS back and all but than i still hate what he said i mean i know i don't act like other girls and i'm not like sensitive and crying all day and i'm not romantique and maybe i'm acting a little bit as "thug life" kinda girl but that's who i am, what should i do? change myself?


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  • hell no dont ever change who you are.
    they can all go fuck themselves.

    one thing you have to remember,
    stay true to you and no one else


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