What should I have for dinner?

What are you having?

it's 4:30 here. won't eat til later.
pasta was what i had


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  • I had dinner a few hours ago with my girlfriend. We had 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal), which is basically stripes of pork belly, white rice and 김치 (Kimchi) and a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes. It was very good :-).
    It depends a bit what you feel like... do you feel like something light? Or something hearty? Do you feel like meat or something vegetarian? Something warm or something cold? If I don't have any idea whatsoever, I usually try to find out what carb source I feel the most like (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.) and then I go from there and try to decide what fits well to that basic ingredient.


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