What would be a better option for making money: selling on Craigslist/eBay or to a pawn shop? Pros and cons of each?

What things do I need to consider when selling items to make some money in terms of where to sell them? I'm not sure if selling online or to a pawnshop is a better option. What have your experiences been like?


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  • People seem to forget that a Pawn shop is also a business that sells those items and needs to make money as well. If you need some money, like now, then a Pawn shop is the right choice. Remember, they need to make money too, and they know what stuff is worth. So if you have an item that is worth retail of about $100, you can expect to get about $40 for it at a Pawn shop. The pro is you get $40 quick. The con is you sold a $100 item for only $40. If you sell on Ebay then you can sell direct to someone and will have a much higher chance of selling it for closer to the retail worth price of a $100. Pros to Ebay, higher selling price, but cons are it make take longer to sell and you have to ship it out to them.

    • I've also heard that eBay has a fee for using their site. How high do those fees run?

    • Yes, there is a fee to list the item. There is also a fee if you accept payment through paypal or credit card. Do not do deals with cash or money orders. I have never sold off of ebay, so I cannot help you there, sorry.

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  • They arn't the same thing. A pawnshop is for suckers and drug addicts.
    Craigslist/ebay is the only way to go.


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