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a few months ago I had a messy situation with a guy. He was emotionally abusive and I reacted horribly to it. Sent a lot of msgs and he told me that was harassment. It's been months and there has been no contact. There is an apartment available at his building and it's perfect. Would it be wrong to move there? I'll never talk to him.

Thanks guys!
It's been months does it look like I'm stalking? That's what I'm afraid of. I put in applications for a lot of places but I really like this one. If it's the only good one I get I might take it.


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  • Not at all. Go get that apartment:)

    • You're a lot more mature than he is.

  • hun lol you are stalking him

    • I have applied to other apartments too. I really like this one though. It's not on the same floor. I would avoid him at all costs

    • hun it sounds like you are stalking him

  • what's the correlation between a house and someone you haven't talked to in ages?

    • It's only been a few months. We were having sex and then it ended horribly.

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    • No I think he might be mad if I move in. I don't want him talking to me

    • If he does then just block him out of your life..
      just do what makes you happy because fuck everyone else

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