Doctor said I had a fever, yet I felt fine?

My family never took temperatures growing up and we always just went offf of how we felt. Anyways I was at the doctor and she shot my forehead with a temp meter or some sort and it said like 99.7 as the temp. The doctor was like are you feeling okay? I was like yep, although it was hot in that office and I had a jacket on that I didn't need. Just before going to the doctor I was talking on the phone in my truck with the engine off and it was getting kind of hot. Proably 85 degrees, but would that be enough to make my temperature go up? it's just that i was driving around and didn't think much about taking my jacket off.

usually it's a bit low when they take it.


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  • Yeah, that will make your core temperature go up about a degree. Which is what happened, it seems. Normal body temperature is about 98 F. A fever can be nothing or be a serious infection like sepsis, so it's important to take your temperature when you feel off.


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