Ghosts and haunted houses?

Okay so back from 2007-2013 we lived in a rented apartment and over there our family had weird experiences. The first night I spent there was a little freaky as I felt I saw a hooded black figure enter my room. I thought the house was new so I thought I was scared and hallucinated.
After that incident i didn't see the hooded figure until 2009. I clearly remember I was sleeping alone in my room, with lights on and a thin bedsheet over my head when I clearly saw a black hooded figure circle my bed and the moment it reached my pet bird's cage, I removed the sheets and it wasn't there. I was scared and I still remember I had called my grandma instantly and asked her to sleep with me.
My mom had a housemaid who also claimed she saw the hooded figure sitting on the sofa in the living room. And once when the lights were out, she said she bumped into a tall man near the dining table. She was sweating and was very scared so I doubt she was lying.

Twice, my pet pigeons had been mysteriously attacked by rats and cats. One of my pet birds died but the other one is really strong so he survived. Also my pet pigeon caught pox on his beak which disfigured his entire beak when I had gone to US and I had to return immediately. Though I vividly remember when I made the decision to return from US, I heard someone whistle in the hotel room I was renting. Except my dad and me , nobody else was there and neither of us whistled.

In 2012, I felt as if I was attacked by an incubus because I was asleep and I literally felt as if somebody was penetrating inside me. I had soreness throughout the day and once I was feeling upset for days until all of I washed my hair on the fourth day and black water came out. As if I had dyed my hair. After that I was normal again.
My mom also claimed she saw figures at night.

We left the house in 2013 and the story ended though I want to know what was going on and what was this?


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  • It sounds like some kind of a haunting. Ghosts are said to appear in places and at times where something bad happened or if the deceased suffered from some kind of extreme stress they never had a chance to deal with.

    I actually asked a question about a very strange event which happened to me. It was as real as anything I've experienced in my life yet nobody other than me has any recollections of related events. Here is the link:


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