Would it be weird to go to a gym where a guy I used to see goes?

Would it be weird if I went to the gym where a guy, that I had a short thing with, goes to when there us a closer gym ans I gave never been there before?

Our "thing" ended abruptly after two weeks, no official end.

I Just want to try it out, but im afraid it would look like im only going because he goes there and there is a gym closer to me, and he knows it.


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  • Yeah I am sure he will figure it out and if you guys talked about the gym before he will know

    • But im only going because of two reasons :
      Hot international guys and I want to check it out, se if its better than the one I usually go to. It has nothing to do with him at all..

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    • I think I will !

    • Good luck to you

  • Just go try out that gym. It is your right to go to whatever gym you want. Who cares what he thinks. It is over between you two.


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