Living on a sailboat, good or bad idea?

Hey guys & girls,
I've been sailing as a hobby since I was 12 years old and Im about to go to collage this fall. My campus is close to the sea and a marina so I've been thinking about buying myself a 25ft+ sailboat and living out of it, rather than paying the $4000 a term rez fees at the collage.

Looking for some advice, even if you have never sailed in your life, let me know how you feel about life on the water or how you would feel if a friend said "yeah lets drop by my place at the marina"

If you DO have experience in the liveaboard lifestyle, your insight is very, very vailuable to me and would be much obliged!
thank you,

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  • It sounds cool but I wouldn't go for it because it doesn't sound as safe.

    And I am not as comfortable with living on water more than a few days.


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  • I used to sail when I was younger and I loved it but if I had been sailing a lot then I felt like I was rocking from side to side for hours afterwards. And I've been on yauchts with others sailing and I felt very sick. In the marina it won't be wavy so it shouldn't be too bad but I still don't think I'd want to be floating all the time. Also I grew up on an island next to the sea and we'd spend hours every day on the beach but still after a while next to the sea the smell of the sea becomes sickening.
    But if you think these won't be a problem for you then go for it, I think in theory it would be pretty cool living on a boat, and after university you will still have the boat, whereas the residency money is just gone (and 4000 per term is a heck of a lot of money)

    • I've been thinking it over in my head ever since highschool and I can deal with the sea lags and the smell when the wind rips around the wrong way but trying to find the cost of a slip (mooring) is like looking for a needle in a hay stack! but im sure itll be less than $4000 (it costs so much because of the mandatory $3000 meal plan) the housing is quite cheap

    • Yeah I guess to find the price of that you will have to ask at the marina or something, but yeah I doubt it comes close to that, even with buying your own food. If you get all the meals with it I guess it's not too bad, though it works out about 16-20$ per day for meals so it would be a lot cheaper to get your own food. I'm lucky cause here the residency and the food are free

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  • 4K a senester, 8k a year savings, great deal. Both have plus and minuses but with the savings, the cool factor (especially with GFs), and the fact that it will be a once in a lifetime thing that you will likely look back on fondly when you are in your 40s, I would say do it. Just stay organized on the boat and don't store too many valuables on it.

  • it sounds like a good idea

  • Sounds fun