Was bored one day so looked for something to boost the power up on a bit?

Went looking through the shed one day and found two old easy bake ovens that I had bought for my two neices several years ago for Birthday gifts.. took both of them and a sodering iron and some other stuff and decided to see if I could somehow boost the current output of it.. I sodered both of them together to make one oven that was way bigger then anything standard for those models at the time.. I then started looking for a way to do more to it... after about two hours of hard work it was all finished. so took it in the house to see what maybe I could cook with it

The darn think had more power now going through it then it or any other easybake oven ever had.. or any one that was even on this planet.. while everything was cooking I made up a saled and some baked potatoes.. about 25 minutes later the roast sirloin was all done and me and some neighbors I had invited over had a great roast beef dinner.. Ha HA.

This is not true at all.. I just wanted to type something different, humorous, and sort of off the wall and I just felt like typing something funny that had about 20 minutes ago popped into my head.. take care all enjoy your day


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  • Yeah it sounded fake because those things just used a 100 watt light bulb as its heat source, they never cooked very well, lol