Why Do People Wear Headphones/Earbuds While Driving?

Why Do People Wear Headphones/Earbuds While Driving?
Seriosuly? It's stupid ASS HELL. I see this all the TIME... even people driving those big trucks:

Do it as well!!!

For example... I was driving yesterday with my windows open... I was stuck in traffic. I hear music coming from the car next to me (his windows were also open)... BUT the music was coming from his headphones and they were at max volume.

What is the point of this:


You guys can just go on ebay and buy a device that will let you play the music on phone through the radio for like $5. AAAANNNDDD newer cars have the capability of allowing you to play your phone music through the radio without needing anything additional.

SO... why are people doing this stupid shit?

On top of that... iPhones (for example) have pretty good speakers... I listen to my iPhone through the phone speakers in the car and I've never had a problem. I've never needed to use earbuds... it's stupid


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  • What if some just talks using the phone... not that they should be doing that.

    I think they feel more comfortable with earbuds than just listening from speakers.


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  • It is illegal in most jurisdictions. The only exception is if you are using the headphones to make a hands free phone call. It is extremely likely that the people you saw (except that one douche) were making and receiving calls.

    • A lot of them aren't. I can tell because they aren't talking at all and they are bopping their heads back and forth

    • You'd better go straight to the police with all that anecdotal evidence.

    • I will

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  • Because they probably want to get into a car wreck. I mean it's common sense to not wear headphones/ earbuds over your ears. Some people put in one ear bud, but it's still dangerous.


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  • It's also illegal in all 50 states

    • It's not illegal everywhere.

    • Your right my bad I just checked it damn its legal in 33 that's really fucked up

  • iPhones, to the best of my knowledge, only have mono speakers - they don't produce stereo sound.

    So to listen to their music this is the simplest solution, instead of buying some tech-wiz gadgets and have to set it up and being frustrated during the lenghty process of trying to get a hands-free music experience with the music that you want to listen to.

    Or their car stereo could be broken and this is the simplest and cheapest solution.

    • I listen to my iPhone through my speaker while I am driving... and I have had no issues. I can hear it just fine.

    • Then they are audiophiles, kinda like me, because stereo is so much better than mono

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