Why do people disown their half siblings because of something one parent did?

Our father has severe self hate issues. She is the only black child that he has. Like, I think at first he liked black women but then just went all Tommy S. and doesn't. So, apparently. He always compliments my hair and says that black girls wish they could be me and all. (Even though I consider myself a black girl). But yeah, or dad cheated on her mom with my mom. (Me and my sister are 2 years apart by the way.) I just turned 14 and she is 15 about to be 16. I messaged her on Facebook, because I want to get to know her and I want a sister because I only have brothers. I inboxed her and said, "hi. Im *******. I'm your half sister. :)" She replied, "ok. And?" I said, "i just wanted to talk to you so we can be proper sisters." She said, "lol. Ur not my sister, honey. I don't know you and you don't know me. Same father or not, so you can slide out my inbox with that shit." Then she blocked me. I don't understand why she doesn't like me and chooses to not claim me. I haven't done anything to her, and I feel like deserve to know my sister. Sorry, i'm ranting.. I just needed to vent about my situation.


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  • She doesn't have to claim you if she doesn't want to. She doesn't know your father and you don't know her. He's basically a sperm donor, you hold no relation to her. Leave the girl alone.

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