What is wrong with me?

I have a cool life

I have great friends, a decent part time job, a car, and I'm doing well in school. I sound responsible and stable for an 18 year old right?

Well for some reason I feel empty, there's something missing and I don't know what it is.

Why do I feel like this?


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  • I think it might be that it's the cycle of same shit different day. Stagnancy. I don't think it's a lack of a relationship, but I think many will point you to that direction and/or think that way. I think there's no point of rushing into that, and you are better do your homework and know what you would be actually getting into before just attempting to be involved in one. Sure you can date casually now and just keep it friendly to build confidence and dating experience or something but that's where it should be at until you know you are absolutely certain about the commitments, such as time, money and energy that will be required to make a relationship work and become successful.

    What are your goals or aspirations?

    What do you really want to do and/ or hope to accomplish and be successful or good at? What do you want to achieve or hope to achieve? Either now or some time in your future?

    What do you think and/or feel will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction?

    Emptiness is something that happens to some of us we'd realize it sooner or later at some point in our lives. I hope you are not suffering from any kind of existential crises or something. Just do the best you could. But be realistic about your goals and what you want and hope to do. Know your strengths and know your weakness, or at least work on figuring them out somehow and some way.

  • You need to get fucked

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