I can't stop being shy and looking angry. help?

i have a resting face that makes me look always angry. i hate it. dont know how to stop being so shy and looking miserable when im not.


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  • Learn to smile more and be the first to start conversations.

    My personality test gave me a 2% extrovert lol and 98% introvert but I make lots of friends still.

    • my problem is i can't start convos. im good at smiling when im not nervous and when im comfortable around someone, and if there's a reason to smile.

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    • i wish he would

    • Thats why you need to smile a little bit more dont necessarily have to be super talky ether just friendly and open to making friends with even the more odd people as it can make connections. creating more options and possibilities.

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  • I know what you mean, my facial expression was like that for a while.
    It's calling the Rest Bitch Face!
    I changed this by becoming more "aware" of my facial expressions, because it was pointed out to be a few times, lol.
    Just try to think of something pleasant or fix your face in a way that looks expressionless or not angry anymore.
    Please, do it now because when you age those angry wrinkles will become apparent, and it's not a good look.

    • *Resting Bitch Face

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    • Okay. :P
      ill give u mho as soon as gag lets me :)

    • :) Thanks <3