How can I get better?

when i was 7 i think i was sexually harrassed my cousin who i see every so often and it sickens me to see him with his fiance and the thing is i think he's forgotten about it but as the years went by he used to slap my butt or yell "titty grab" before he would grab my boob but he doesn't anymore because you know fiance but um i start school im immediately bullied and teased. One teacher wiped snot and spit on me but yeah. bullying ended in sixth grade. and this point im a little over the point of calling myself fluffy, my feet are huge and my grandfather dies. let's not to mention uncle was murdered and his funeral was on my birthday. i also had another cousin make me do things to him. my dad was and still is being a jerk to me. like huge jerk. my mom is constantly annoyed with me like when i ask for food i regret it because they look she gives me... anywho she stopped when she found out i was suicdal but continuing. That mom is my step mom but she did raise me, My biological mom didn't want me and literally left me on the doorstep she has gotten in touch i guess but she disappers again. never seen her in real life just a simple picture she sent through text. my brothers and sisters on that side hate me. being chubby i don't have the best experience with boys either and I've been stressed with the amount of expectations of me and how I've been treated unfairly by my family for being a girl and being in a school where i was downgraded because of my color and thrown food at. I've just been through a lot stuggling with losing weight getting extremely sick and its just all been getting me. I know a lot of people are going though a lot worse and i shouldn't be complaining i just i need some tips on how i should start getti

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  • Try talking to a therapist or school counselor, if at all possible. It sounds like you've been dealt a really shitty hand in life, but seeing a professional may help, at least to give you some closure. I wish I could offer more advice but I've never had to deal with anything as difficult as you have.

    I hope it all turns out well.


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  • Girl its life... unless you were lucky enough to be born in a pretty happy world haha! Nope! Move on do the best you can. Watch My mad fat diary. The girl is really big yet she gets like the hottest guy in school. haha! Now please... go. ACT. Do something about it. Stop crying... stop complaining. And suck it up. Its life. You stay in school get the best education you can and move away from those people that have basically ruin your life. My cousin did something like that when I was 10 and other people pretty much manitpulate me. But you need to take that experience the bad experience and use it to you advantage!


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  • I can't really give you any good advice because I haven't experienced anything like this. You really need to talk to a adult you can trust like any teacher, they can refer you to someone maybe. From your description it doesn't really sound like someone in your family will help you so look for outside help. Even if you can just talk to someone it will probably help.


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  • Start by ending the pity party, all you did was name the negatives in your life. What you need is to think of the positives, that's a step in the right direction 👌

    • I know people who have gone through similar situations they had it really rough and they are just fine. They look at the positives, I'm going based off of those people's experience.

      Oh and you can leave now, this isn't your comment it's mine and I in no way asked for your opinion. Bye bye now.

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    • lol, you literally defined harassment. Is this fucking Tumblr?

      Regardless, I WILL leave your comment now, because my point has been made and it's devolved into a semantics game, which is no fun. Oh well, keep magnifying the supposed difficulties you've had in life. Maybe you, little Wayne, and all the other studio gangsters can make a music video about the middle American struggle, lmao.

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      Have a nice life. It's so sad you have to try to ACT so smart and clever, wonder what you are trying to make up for.